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Olav Zipser

Founder & Team Leader

Olav is a highly accomplished professional skydiver; a pioneering multiple-medalist who holds numerous world championship titles; a trainer of many world champions; and the holder of a Sports Emmy Award. He has dedicated 30 years of his life to research, development, teaching and training in human body flight; has completed more than 25,000 skydives; and has trained in 25 vertical wind tunnels around the world.

Olav is the founder of:

  • The FreeFly Training & Instruction Program
  • The First School of Modern SkyFlying
  • The Atmosphere Dolphin FreeFly Licence Program
  • Space Games – Human Flight Races & Air Games

Olav is known respectfully around the world as the ‘Father of FreeFly.’ He brought FreeFlying to the World Air Games, the World Games, and the X-Games, and he’s been active in growing and developing it to competition level for the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

Olav was the first civilian to jump from the stratosphere – a feat he accomplished in 1995. He is a passionate advocate for human flight and spaceflight, and for research and development in safety training. He is also a team leader, test pilot, and astronaut-in-training with Team Synergy Moon – a finalist in the Google Lunar  X-Prize.