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The NewSpace and emerging space tourism industries urgently need a method to safely and efficiently bring people – crew, passengers and tourists – back to Earth in the event of catastrophic spacecraft failure or space emergency.

Currently there is no Plan B, no ‘Life Vest’ for space.

The FreeFly Astronaut Project

The FreeFly Astronaut Project (FFAP) is our quest to develop the human capability, procedures, protocols, and re-entry technology required to equip and enable high-altitude, low-earth-orbit crew, passengers, and tourists to return safely from space in the event of an emergency.

Pushing the boundaries of human flight further than ever before, and with a radical change in approach to design and testing, the scientific research FreeFly Astronaut Project is developing and testing a new generation of revolutionary Bio-Mechanical Flex-Wing Space Activity Suits, and embarking on a series of launch-and-return missions to increasingly higher altitudes – building up to a re-entry from a true space altitude above the 100 km Kármán Line.


Each of our target altitude missions will set multiple aeronautic and astronautic records – and each successive mission will break them, and set them anew.

Once we achieve the world’s first true SpaceDive, we’ll have solved one of the great issues of safety in human space flight – and achieved a goal that will benefit every space traveller in the future.

It goes without saying that this will be one of the most dramatic space missions ever undertaken – in the process generating unprecedented levels of publicity and media exposure around the world both for the project itself, and for our sponsors and partners.

Our achievements collectively will make a significant impact on the future of human space flight, and an immeasurable contribution towards shaping the next generation of aeronautic, astronautic, and NewSpace related technologies, markets, and industries.


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Develop the human capability to survive rapid descent from high-altitude and low-Earth-orbit

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Gather valuable scientific data

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Become the second private initiative (non-government, non-military) to place a civilian at true space altitude

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Set new records for the highest, fastest, and longest human body flights

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Produce a ‘Live Vest’ for space

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Make aeronautics, astronautics, space tourism, and space exploration safer


  • 1995
    Olav Zipser’s first counter-mechanical pressure-suit, V-1, is developed and tested during a high-altitude stratospheric research skydive.
  • 2009
    FreeFly Astronaut Project founded by Olav Zipser
  • 2009 - to Date
  • Research and investigation into new materials and technologies
  • Consultation with astronauts, cosmonauts, and industry specialists around the world
  • Collaboration with Russian spacesuit manufacturer Zvezda
  • Training at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre
  • Collaboration with USA-based Interorbital Systems to develop a suitable launch vehicle
  • 2018
    Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • 2018 to 2020
    Preparation: phases 1 to 4
  • Ongoing:
    • Specialist consultations
    • Scientific & technical research
    • Development & testing
    • Attend NewSpace conferences
  • Appoint full time & part time specialists:
    • Accounting & financial
    • Legal, patent, IP & advisory
    • Technical & engineering
    • Media
    • Marketing
  • Negotiate and sign agreements with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Finalise technical specifications:
    • Spacesuit V-2
    • Parachute system
    • Life support systems
    • Telemetry systems
    • Rocket capsule
  • Development:
    • Spacesuit V-III
    • Parachute system
    • Life support systems
    • Telemetry systems
    • Rocket capsule
  • Testing & training:
    • Wind tunnel
    • High altitude
    • High speed
    • Microgravity & parabolic flight tests
  • All systems test
  • Debrief & data analysis
  • Full review
  • Appoint mission critical specialists
  • Finalise launch agreements and licences
    • Legal and licensing
    • FAA dialogue & regulatory discussions
  • Appoint global media specialists
  • Negotiate
    • Media Rights
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Sponsorship Agreements
  • Media launch
  • Finalise and release Documentary (Part 1)
  • 2020 - 2021
    Launch Phase 1
  • Prepare for first target altitude launch-and-return mission
    • Advanced training – Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre.
    • High altitude test jumps and demonstrations.
    • Parabolic microgravity training and testing.
  • All systems test
  • Debrief & data analysis
  • Full review
  • Finalise launch schedule
  • Update partners, sponsors, investors, shareholders
  • Media & investment conference
  • First record-breaking launch-and-return mission. Target altitude: 45km
  • Finalise and release documentary (Part 2)
  • 2022 to 2025
    Launch Phases 2 to 7 - and beyond
  • Continue working towards:
    • Launch-and-return missions to
      • 65 km
      • 85 km
    • Launch-and-return missions to true space altitudes
      • 100 km
      • Higher than 100 km
    • Suborbital launch-and-return missions: higher than 100 km
    • Orbital launch-and-return mission: higher than 100 km
  • 2025 onwards
    ● Full production of Bio-Mechanical Flex-Wing Space Activity Suits for the NewSpace industry ● Specialist NewSpace Industry services & consulting services

Team Members

Team member
Founder & Team Leader
Olav Zipser
Team member
Specialist Consultant & Russian Correspondent & Team Leader
Alexander Pyzin
Alexander Pyzin, PhD, is a former vice president of S.P. Korolev Rocket & Space Corp. Energia OJSC (the Russian Space Agency), with 14 years experience working in a wide range of specialist space industry services around the world.

He has been a consultant, advisor, and liaison officer for the FreeFly Astronaut Project since 2010.

Team member
Specialist Consultant & Middle East Team Leader
Gregory Gottlieb
Gregory’s 20 year career in the British Army culminated as the UK Ministry of Defence Officer responsible for all counter-terrorism and special forces aviation equipment requirements. He then spent four years at a senior level in the corporate headquarters of a German group of companies in aerospace and logistics.
Team member
Project Management & Business Direction
Mike Rumble
Mike is an accomplished business strategist with a qualification in business studies. He is an entrepreneur, adventurer, explorer, communications strategist, specialist consultant, conservationist, professional skydiver, drop-zone operator, and skydiving event organiser.

Mike runs Mother City SkyDiving in Cape Town, South Africa, and organises and manages high-profile skydiving events and displays throughout the sub-continent through his company, FullHouse Aviation.